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Let's finish some albums in 2010


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  • Let's finish some albums in 2010

    Hey guys. I've been putting off releasing my album for WAY too long.

    Anyway, to kick my own butt into gear and hopefully help other folks make some REAL progress, I wrote an eBook somewhat outlining the process and how I plan to knock this thing out.

    I'm giving it away to my newsletter subscibers. You're welcome to grab a copy here.
    Joe Gilder

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    Avid fan of your site. You've got a knack for giving instructions that the average Joe can understand (get it? Average Joe? Ok I'm a dork).

    In keeping with the topic at hand. I'm in the military and will be headed over to the Middle East for a good portion of 2010 so I thought I'd use the opportunity to do some on scene music making. I put together a recording rig (Based off of a Samsung NC10 netbook Haha!) that I could bring on the road with me and will be working on completing an album's worth of songs while I'm on my journey. That will be my music project for me this year.

    It will be truly minimalist. I'll be using the netbook, a Baby Taylor (with a custom installed pickup) and a Line 6 Toneport with an AT2020 for a mic.

    And I've got a copy of your ebook, which is a fantastic little "focus" device to remind me what I have to do in order to finish this thing.



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      Some of you are probably already aware of the RPM Challenge. See:



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        Gizzmo, that sounds like an awesome experience. Definitely keep me posted on your progress!

        Zooey, I hadn't seen the RPM challenge. Very cool.
        Joe Gilder


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          I have 2 of my 3 songs for my ep done. So I agree with the sentiment lets get some recordings done this year