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Are Open or Closed Headphones Safer?


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  • Are Open or Closed Headphones Safer?

    Are open or closed headphones safer in terms of extended use for recording/ mixing? Any ideas? I will be using them in a quiet room and am not worried about leakage since I don't use mics or anything, just synth instrumentals.

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    I think its immaterial. Its all in safe DB levels. Whats gained by closed headphones in isolation means you can tyrn the db level down, and whats lost with open backed or over the ears is made up for turning them up. If anything confort and frequency responce is the only thing that matters. If you have a good plat responce with no majoor peaks or dips you will be able to dial in the best tone. Headphones are only good for tracking and you have to use studio monitors to mix properly because you have no depth perception using headphones to mix. So using whatever feels and sounds best is the only advice I can give you.


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      I prefer open over closed as far as feel and in my case sound too. I have a set of Sennheiser HD-600's and the sound and feel is fantastic. The sound is more open (less confining), hence the open back. Sounds and feels like a huge auditorium. For tracking and mixing I use Sennheiser HD-202's (they are cheap) and the HD-280's. I just got a set of the new KRK KNS-8400 and I am still breaking them in. But I have to say this. I use KRK monitors and these damn things sound just like them. I can see (hear) that these headphones are gonna replace my HD202's and 280's as my tracking/mixing headphones (my personal set). But they will never replace the Sennheiser HD-600's as a final mix set or my personal enjoyment set. The 600's are just so damn nice. Makes me want to spring for the newer 650's
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        So in terms of potential damage to your ears, it doesn't matter? One isn't safer than the other?


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          SPLs are SPLs

          They are the same in that regard, yes.

          If anything, in cases where theres ambient sound; amps, drums, whatever, the closed will be safer because you can run them at a lower level and still hear them over whats going on around. Maskings a bitch. But if youre 100% electronic, it doesnt matter.