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  • New USB audio interface....

    I bought a new i7 laptop and i realized that my laptop has no firewire and no pcmcia or expresscard slot, damn...i was so furious but i did not read all the specs before buying so i got really upset...and i have an echo firewire sound card...is there any option that i can connect my soundcard to my new laptop? i have seen some usb-firewire hubs, but i realized that there is incompatibilitz between those 2 systems...the second option would be buying a new soundcard..but usb soundcards are crap..or thats what i was told few years ago..but now my only option seems to sell my echo and buy a new usb audio interface..i did some research and here are the options..(budget less than 500eur):


    these are my preferences from top to bottom.....which one would you reccomend?
    i am basically recording piano and vocals...i have already a good preamp...basically i need good converters and decent preamps for recording without my preamp when i need it for live applications...

    p.s.: are there any usb 3.0 audio interfaces?

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    I didn't follow all your links, but I presume you know there are CardBus to Firewire adapters. (Your i7 lappie probably has a CardBus slot tucked away on it somewhere.)

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      no, damn no!! no card bus...just a lot of usb 3.0 ports and a hdmi port..thats it...


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        Firewire is very much going away both from PC and Mac. On the PC side, custom build PC with Gigabyte or EVGA motherboard is the only way to get the Texas Instrument firewire chip (go back to a page or two, look for "firewire recroding rig" thread), which lowers the risk of driver incompatibility.

        For laptops, you can try ExpressCard adapters like these.

        http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16839158010&cm_re=1394_card_ expresscard-_-39-158-010-_-Product

        http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16839158040&cm_re=1394_card_ expresscard-_-39-158-040-_-Product

        However, they are NOT Texas Instrument chip 1394 as far as I know, so you may experience some driver incompatibility issues. Probably better to confirm with the Echo tech support before you buy these cards.

        Those USB interface you listed are "okay" for the purpose of two channel recording, just to get some ideas to computer, but they don't have preamps with good gain, or ability to expand. Some of them have issues like pops and clicks (most of them are probably user errors). I've got some of those, like M-Audio MobilePre, Tascam144mkII, and Presonus Audiobox USB, but they all went to ebay within the first 6 months. So, I usually recommend products around $200, Focusrite USB 6 or Mackie Blackjack. They have better preamps, and my friend uses both of them with less issues. Mackie's preamps are actually good (at the level of Mackie VLZ mixer).
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          I actually checked your link, and you are looking USB interfaces somewhere <$700 USD?

          Then, M-Audio FastTrack Ultra 8R (yes, it's M-Audio) has received quite good reviews.
          Personally, if you can stretch a little bit more, RME Babyface should be the best interface at that price range.
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            i lean towards motu audio express....


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              Hi, I tried with the links you provided but , I guess its not sufficient to proceed , further...


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                here are the USB audio interfaces that i choose from:

                Motu Audio Express
                LExicon ionix 22
                LExicon ionix 42
                Cakewalk V studio 20
                Native instruments komplete audio 6
                Tascam US800
                Tascam US600
                ....RME Babyface is also an option, but a bit too expensive...


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                  I would like to know which one has no issues with win7-64bit and i7 processor...


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                    It's probably better to visit user forum of each product, or ask/call tech support.
                    I know Babyface works very well in Win 7 64 bit, from their very active user forum. RME's strength is their solid and fast tech support for driver compatibility. Their products are expensive, but if the driver sucks (and tech support doesn't response in a timely fashion), then audio interface is pretty much garbage, and you'll be very frustrated with trouble shooting by yourself.
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                      +1 for RME and their fantastic drivers. I've been using my Hammerfall HDSP with MultiFace for almost 10 years now (PCI & PCMCIA), across at least 4 or 5 different computers and laptops, in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 64 bit and even occasionally in Linux.
                      It's a shame that PCMCIA/Expresscard slots are now getting rare on modern laptops, looks like I'll have to leave my trusty system behind in my next upgrade. However, I'd still choose RME!
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