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    My new band wants to post some video clips of our practice on our Facebook page. I want to get a good audio representation of us without having to go into a studio. My choices are setting up my Droid Incredible on a stand, using my Sony Handicam on a tripod (although I don't have an auxiliary Mic), or buying a Flip camera. What is the best option?
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    All are going to suck for audio tone. You're going to sound like your playing in a garbage can with a loud band live.

    If I had to choose, I'd use the sony.
    I record all the time with my camcorder and get studio sound quality with the following method.

    If must have an external mic input.
    You need a mixer and mics.
    You need a 6db attenuator.
    And you need the cables and connectors to hook it up right.

    You need this to drop the mixer output that is line level out down to mic level so it doesnt distort the cameras mic input.
    These work good. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=266-234

    The ends of the attenuator are wrong for connecting to the camera so you need an RCA to 1/8" adaptor to plug into the camera.

    Then you need an adaptor cable from the mixer to the attenuator.
    This will make the other side of the attenuator 1/4" and then you can use a regular guitar cord to connect
    tio the high impediance line level out of the mixer.

    From there on, you just connect mics to the mixer, and mic the band up, the set the cam corder for record.
    Then set the mic levels so the cam corder doesnt overdrive. I use a pair of headphones plugged into the
    camcorder and use that to monitor the mic levels and get a good audio balance.
    Since you're hearing what is passing through the camera you can get a decent balance happening.

    You can also use a monitor send off or line feed off your PA mixer and plug it into the recording mixer too so you have nice up front vocals happening.
    Its a thousand times better than just using the cameras built in mic and having completely washed out sound and buried vocals.

    If you dont have access to any of the items then your audio will suck badly.
    If you can get a 3db or 6db attenuator and connect a high impediance mic to the cameras external
    mic input them place the mic strategically in front of the band, the attenuator should drop the gain
    level enough so the audio track doesnt sound like a complete fuzz box.
    The built in mic will fuzz out completely with the drums and bass.
    Cam corders, phones etc are only good for normal talking levels and cant handel the high DB levels of music.