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Alesis M1Active 520 USB Monitors??????????

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  • Alesis M1Active 520 USB Monitors??????????

    Ok I have a pair of rokit krk 6 speakers, and love the **************** out of the them. My old bandmate who lives now 2000 miles away from me, wants to help me on mixes that I'm doing of bands. Right now he burns everything to a cd and listens to them in his car, home system, whatever he feels like at the moment. I want to help him buy some studio monitors for his pc so he doesn't have to run through 5 cd's a day, plus he works from home (on his computer), so he is always by it. Now he doesn't have a interface like I do so he really needs a usb Monitor to hear the songs I email him.

    SO my question would be has anyone every used, heard, owned, and any thoughts on these speakers. Here is the link for them if it's need

    Just let me know if they are worth using, or if he should just invest in a interface, and some more quality speakers.

    Oh for those who would say to go a GC and listen to them, he already did and they don't have them at the one by him. I went to my GC to hear 15 different speakers, which is how I came about getting the rokit's, but I live over 100 miles there and back to the nearest GC.

    Thanks Guys!
    Equipment list
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    KRK Rokit 6
    Sony MDR-V700
    MXL 990/991
    Shure SM-57
    M-Audio Key Rig 49
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