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Bought a couple panasonic ramsa ws-a500-k monitors on the cheap. Are these any good?


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  • Bought a couple panasonic ramsa ws-a500-k monitors on the cheap. Are these any good?

    I picked these up on ebay today for 90 bucks. I think the msrp new was $675. The ported cabinets are tough enough to stand on.
    My powered mixer's amp is out, so I don't really have any way to listen to these, so I thought I'd see if anyone has an opinion.
    Maybe, I could hook them up to my JBL eon 15s, but I don't know if the 8ohm impedance is compatible, and I would need low impedance connect on one end and neutrik on the other, which I don't have.
    The 12 inch speakers are alnico 200w continuous and are really heavy.
    Are these things worth any money? There are some Vox bulldog speakers on Craigs list, so I am thinking I might try to work a trade.

    Thanks for any input.
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    For live PA work or stage monitors, sure they may be fine.
    You could also replace the drivers and get better efficiany if you have solid
    cabinets there. For that kind of stuff it sounds like a good deal.

    Since this is a recording forum, they would not make good recording monitors.
    PA equipment is designed for projecting sound long distances to they sound good to the masses
    or are designed for the stage as vocal monitors that will reject/prevent microphone feedback.
    In the studio you use nearfield monitors that have a short and highly focused field with a very
    flat frequency responce. This makes them different from either PA stuff that targets the vocal range or
    HiFi stuff that hypes highs and lows to make the music sound bigger and plusher than it often is.