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CUBASE 5 and TASCAM DM 4800 problem


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  • CUBASE 5 and TASCAM DM 4800 problem

    Hi guys!! if I I start a new track, e.g. microphone.Im in Cubase now, and trying out the recording again. I'm having trouble with no input and output signals in my CUBASE 5 meters.....I set the mike on channel input one, and as I speak thru the mixer and live monitors, it's working, but no signals in Cubase.....(My test track, I have like this:

    Track 1( mono track) : Device input 1 ( Audio Device is ASIO IF-FW/ DM mkII). Using a condencer mike.

    The VST Audio System is setup with ASIO IF-FW/ DM mkII ( see the 2 enclosed pictures)

    And the VST SYSTEM LINK is NOT connected( as I have used the default setting there....)

    So, is there any other things in the Tascam that is needed to be setup so I can get signals on the Cubase? I can manage getting inputs and outputs signals in a prerecorded song, both inputs and outputs....So, it's really strange....Also, the TMC Mixer Companion is not working....It can't simply find the MIXER....

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    On more thing to mention....I get input and output signals when I am playing on my MIDI-keyboard...So this is just an AUDIO- problem...