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Need a new recoridng IO... Help me choose


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  • Need a new recoridng IO... Help me choose

    So, I need to replace my Mackie 400F - Mackie's latest driver has en-masse destroyed it for all users. And no, not being flippant.

    To that end, I have the money to spend and I want to spend it right. I'm reluctant to go firewire or USB ever again and I am thinking to choose a brand synonymous with stable drivers and support. So, I'm looking heavily at RME and Motu.

    I've been using a borrowed RME Multiface II for a few weeks and love it. Most of the time I forget it's even there, so that for me is a good thing. Sadly, time is coming to give it back as my friend returns home from university.

    SO choice:

    RME Multiface II with PCI Express card
    MOTU 2408 Mk3 with PCI Express card

    I'm using a Windows 7 x64 PC with Cubase 6.5 and a few VSTs.

    I have to say I'm going to be losing the mic pres from the Mackie, which is a shame as I rather liked them for tracking guitars (mic'd cabinets). So I've been casting my eye to the Motu 896 Hybrid... but it does concern me that it's a USB/Firewire IO. I'm just not sure how much I trust those anymore, but it does look far flashier than the two PCIx options I've chosen above.

    Opinions / Insights / User experiences... all welcome!
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    Have you considered buying a mixing board to go along with your audio interface or are you committed to mixing in the box? I'm in the process of building a studio and faced with some of the same questions about what I should buy. In my case I'm seriously considering a Tascam DM 4800 along with the optional TASCAM IF-FW/DM mkII audio interface which gives me 32-in and 32-out performance at up to 96kHz through a firewire connection (i know its not your preference). But I'm old school in the sense that I like having a physical board to touch versus in the box. I also think using the board for some effects like compression and eq might be less taxing on my computer rather than relying on the cpu for everything.
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      They're both good interfaces. I'd likely go with the Motu because of the $399 cost vs $900+ on the RME.
      I'd google up all the reviews and dirt on both I can find. You can read goos stuff on anything being sold.
      you want to find the issues people have with them to be sure there arent any shortcomings you'll be dealing with.

      Also visit the manufacturers forums and download the manuals for both and read them.
      You've used audio gear before and should be familure with most of the terminology.
      you may find some aspects of one over the other that will make you shell out more
      money for the RME, or you may not feel that extra $500 isnt worth the expence and that money can
      be better spent on a mic or extra preamp or soomething.