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  • Maschine question.

    Maschine Mikro questions.
    I am an owner of Komplete 8 plugins that I use to record music with.I don't use a laptop or software/vst for live performance though.I use a Boss DR drum machine that I use for playing drum patterns.There's lot of talk about NI Maschine & I would like to know if I can use it like a drum machine like the Boss DR series for live performance.Will I be able to load entire loops from my DAW onto Maschine & take it for liver performance without having to take a laptop with me? Does the Maschine Mikro work on its own or do I have to carry a laptop in order to play the patterns I load into it? I have a whole lot of drum loops & other loops on my computer,so will I be able to load any of those loops onto the Maschine hardware & take it with me for live performance?
    Please give me some clarity on this.


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    Its a sample based native instrument Sequencer with midi capibility.
    I saw nothing in this review about importing plugins into the machine.
    It seems to access virtual instrments on the computer when its connected so
    the plugins need to be setup on the computer if you expect to access them.


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      use Battery and a drum pad for live,

      and to start and play with loops the Launchpad is perfect