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    Well, as many others....my Audiobox inputs are now too hot to use. I understand from many this happens. So, I'm on the hunt. I'm thinking about maybe a Mackie USB mixer as my audio interface. Anyone with experience doing this?

    Or, what would you recommend?
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    Comes down to what you have to spend. There are some great digital

    mixers that will let you record 8 & 16 channels at a time. They can be used for

    Live audio and recording. you can mix inside them or dump the tracks to a USB stick,

    use USB or Firewire and move them to a computer for mixing. Some even have software that

    interacts with the computer and act as a controller mixing in the DAW.

    I suspect this trend to increase. Makes no sence for a band to have to use different gear

    for live and studio when you can save on buying a dual purpose unit.

    If you only record, then you can still bet a better quality bang for the buck

    buying a good interface with good preamps.


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      Small time recording at home is all. My audiobox usb crapped out.
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        I's suggest the saphire stuff. They have some great preamps in them

        and you should have much better sound quality with one.

        Good prices for what you get too.


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          I'm not sure of the difference between the Saffire and Scarlett stuff, but if you jsut want a better AudioBox for the same price, check out the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, a buddy of mine got one a while back so I could record him singing and playing acoustic guitar, and I gotta say I am absolutely amazed at how good it is ESPECIALLY given the price...it comes with some great plug ins too, the only thing you won't get that the AudioBox has is MIDI...
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            Scarlett is USB 2.0, Saphire is firewire. All the focusrite stuff is great.


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              Yea I meant to say scarlett.


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                I have the Scarlett 2i2. The preamps are great. Using it to record song ideas, and bits and pieces for band practice. Works very very well, highly recommend.
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                  Thanks for all your recommendations: I bought the Scarlett 2i2 for budget and performance reasons.
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                    I've been really impressed with the Roland Octa-Capture. Amazing sound and functionality at this price point. I've done a few albums with it already including some commercial work. Underrated I think partly due to Roland's typically odd marketing.