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Some Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 Videos and Review Notes

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  • Some Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16 Videos and Review Notes

    I realize that for many of you this is old news, but I have discovered many who have a lot of questions about summing. I spent some time discovering a bit about my Phoenix Nicerizer, interviewed my professional producer and musician friend David Wilton about his Nicerizer, and just generally ranted on and on about the basics of summing tip and techniques. These reviews are posted on YouTube as a way to see the unit and even hear some samples.

    The first video covers a basic intro to hooking up a summing unit, and the basic functions on the Nicerizer: NIcerizer - YouTube

    The second video is a great "how I use this" interview with David Wilton covering things like the gain boost on each channel, how hard to hit the transformers, mixing through it, etc: Reviewing the Phoenix Nicerizer - YouTube

    The final video apologizes to Phoenix for my replacement of their stock knobs, how to calibrate the unit using a Gionometer, how to use the monitor section, and some quick mix samples: NIcerizer 3 - YouTube

    Overall, I love the Nicerizer like I have loved very few pieces of gear as a professional producer and musician. I was not a believer in summing and my earlier attempts were bad, but plugging this thing in will blow your mind with the depth of the mixes, the dynamic range bounce, and the width of the tracks will really impress even the uninitiated. I realize the price means it will not be in reach of just any home recordist, but as soon as someone starts to pay you for your mixes you owe it to yourself to consider summing with a device of this caliber. Anyway, I hope these lightweight video overviews might help a few people who are looking into the Nicerizer or summing as a tool.