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tagging and cd texts

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  • tagging and cd texts

    What's a good program for this? Need to tag mp3 w/ album art and need a cd txt version that can display song titles on cd players.

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    Some of your free burners will do this.

    I use Cyberlink and it will do the tags.

    They have a free version here.

    Its got some nag screens but its a very good program.

    I think Nero does it too but its a pay program.

    Check out CNet and see if they got what you need. Thay probibly have a dozen free ones listed.

    In your pro studios they often use Sound Forge. Its a bit more expensive but an excelent program.

    I do all my album art in programs like Microsoft Publisher or power point, adobie etc.

    I can import it into just about any burner program. I use A light scribe burner so

    making CD labels is pretty easy. Its only black and white and burning the label onto

    the disk with a laser is slow but its a whole lot easier than sticking labels on disks.

    If I had to stick labels on those clear ink jet are pretty good.