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  • Different masters?

    Do you personally use a different master for wav, cds, and mp3s? I've always used one master in the past.

    Just seems like the full wav files sound very close to the mastered version in the daw, but then if I use that version for making cds or mp3s, they sound different.

    For instance:

    Do you tweak your masters for use in making CDs (ie, changing eq before dithering to 16 bit) or making mp3s to send out? Seems like I read, maybe this forum, about using a greater high pass freq and boosting around 250Hz and compressing a little more on the mp3s???

    ...and I just noticed my Bandcamp uploads sound very bottom-heavy compared to rendered songs.
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    Only one master per song.

    For MP3 you need a little headroom on the master before you trancode to MP3, for example max. peak at -1 dBFS, or artefacts can be introduced into the MP3.

    Todays ACC sounds a little better then MP3. ACC is the audio format used today to deliver to the consumer.


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      In most instances if you set the limiter ceiling at -.3 dBFS you should be fine when converting. When converting 192 kbps and above, if the sound changes that much for the worse you should switch to a different converter. "Lame" is free and good. http://lame.sourceforge.net/

      There's also this plug http://www.sonnoxplugins.com/pub/plu.../pro-codec.htm (although a little pricey) that lets you monitor the lossy output in real time. and The "Mastered for ITunes" applet that lets you monitor AAC: http://www.apple.com/itunes/mastered-for-itunes/
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