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Which one of these rooms for a home studio?


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  • Which one of these rooms for a home studio?

    Hey guys

    Recently moved into a new house and have a choice of 2 rooms for my home studio. Do mostly keyboard recording/production/mixing etc so not much if any acoustic recording.

    Option 1 is a bigger/brighter/nicer space to be in but may not be great acoustically as it has mirrored built-in wardrobes on one wall and glass sliding doors on the opposite. Also a bit closer to the road/road noise.

    Option 2 is a narrower but longer room with no built-ins, a strange pillar of wall in one corner and 2 windows along one side (although it's pretty dark and has an air conditioning compressor below it outside..hmmm)

    Here's a rough diagram of dimensions (not to scale) and a few pics. Let me know your thoughts on which one you'd go for. PS - I'm renting so am limited with how much acoustic treatment I can do.

    Thanks guys!!

    Option 1:

    Option 2:

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    I like the dimensions of option 2 better.
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      I'd say two as well. Glass is going to give you a hard reflection

      and since theres two walls you need to hang drapes to lessen the reflectivity.

      There again, the closet may make a nice iso closet for recording a guitar amp

      Stick a guitar and amp in there and the neighbors wont complain.

      Basically comes down to what you're recording though.

      I've recorded in all types of rooms and gotten good (and bad) results.

      Nothing says you have to stay in the one room. If you get board with one,

      swap rooms down the road for a change or pace.