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  • reverb recommendation

    Sorry I'm noobwannabe karaoker. I want to record me singing karaoke. Is it best to sing dry and then apply software reverb afterwards or add reverb while singing via hardware? Do u separate tracks for vocals and karaoke and then put them together? Does it really make a difference? I use audacity for recording on a zed12fx mixer.

    I bought a profire 2626 and a presonus bluetube to play around with but the profire is kinda complicated in setting up because I'm a noob.

    Is there a really good reverb rackmount unit u recommend?

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    I think for you it will be better to record dry becouse you will be able to smoothly edit your tracks what won't be possible if you record your track wet. What do you mean by 'separate'? You should have one track for backing and one for your voc

    Again - I would choose plugin for you. It's easier than hardware unit and I'm guessing you don't need hi end quality. But if so - Eventide Space would be my choice


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      You can pick up a Alesis Midiverb or a Lexicon ack unit cheap

      on ebay these days. I picked up several in the $50 range.

      If you can handle recording dry, I'd try that route first.

      You'll likely want to EQ and compress the voice mixing before adding reverb its

      not going to sound as good is theres a bunch of reverb on the voice already.

      When you use live effects, they have to be perfect when tracking. You cant undo

      the effects once they are recorded with an effect so if it isnt dead on, you're stuck with it.

      If you add effects after a dry track is recorded, you can use any and all effects on the dry

      track to get optimal results.

      It just comes down to the confort level singing. Some singers use reverb or echo as a crutch

      when singing. Studios will usually use reverb in the headphone monitor loop for this with the

      mic being recorded dry, or one track wet and the other dry. This makes the singer happy

      with his sound tracking and the engineer can use his effects toolbox to mix the dry track

      any way he wants.


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        I have a ALesis Midiverb II and it is very versatile and easy to use. You can add delay and reverb both. You can do it in different amounts of either or just one and there are very many, many types of both that you can use or program with each other to get the perfect effect that you want.






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          Thanks guys. I'm gonna try the plug-in reverb method first and see how it goes. Hard to learn something new.


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            ^^ We all had to learn from scratch. Trial and error, trial and success is a way of life in recording.

            Only advice I can give is if you find some effects settings that sound good, save them as a preset.

            Next recording you do it can be a starting point for getting something even better.

            After several hundred recordings, you should have a good feel for all your tools.

            Trick is to try something new each time you mix. It may be successful but knowing what doesnt

            work so hot is just as important as knowing what does.