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Which of these two computers is best for using Ableton Live 8?


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  • Which of these two computers is best for using Ableton Live 8?

    Hello everybody,

    I'm looking to replace my laptop on which I run Live 8. There are two types of desktops in my price range but the have somewhat different specifications when it comes to processor types.

    Model 1:

    Type of processor: AMD E-series E2-1800

    clock speed: 1700 Mhz

    internal memory: 4 GB, DDR3 DIMM

    maximum internal memory: 8 GB

    Model 2:

    Type of processor: Intel

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    I believe the AMD is a dual core and the Intel is a quad core.

    Both will let you record fine but the Intel will probibly be a better choice for a number of reasons.

    A quad core will run windows 64 bit better. If you install a 32 bit OS the systems wont use more than

    4G so extra memory has no benifit. Intel CPU on a mother board with an intel chipset is usually the best

    way to go, or at least it has been in the past. A fast CPU on a boar full of generic chips ithe least desired.

    As I said, both will record just fine. Once the audio is digitized its just a matter of moving binary ones and zeros around.

    Its not like a faster computer will give you better audio quality. The Quad core will likely handle High Resourse plugins better.

    Thats usually the biggest item you come across mixing. When you have a bunch of pluggins running in the audio buss, the

    drain on CPU power can become severe with all the math thats being done to the audio data.

    The other items beyond CPU amd memory are the number and types of slots on the mother board that are open.

    If you want to run dual monitors for example an open video card slot is needed. If you want to run Firewire, and the

    computer doesnt have it built in, again it becomes an issue. You want to be able to run several internal drives.

    You want a drive for your OS, a drive for your recorded wave files and a drive for sample library and Program backup.

    These are all items you need to look at. I'd also google up all the bad reviews you can find on the boxes you're looking at.

    Its better to know what flaws if any a box has before you buy it. Not all computers are equal. One box may screem for speed

    doing word processing and poop out for audio so dig deep. You'll likely find if a box is good for Multi Media and Gaming, its

    fine for recording. Gamers push the boxes to the limit and if they dont work well for games its a sign they lack

    resources and have high latency. I found that a good guide to making audio decisions over the years. You dont need

    the kind of graphics a gamer uses doing audio work of course.


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      One thing about Live is that it is constantly running real-time time compression expansion algorithms on each track. Some of them are processor intensive. I agree the Intel is probably better. I would check out the Live forum for more advice on specific machines. Your choice of hardware would play into the decision as well.