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Home recording, room isolation

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  • Home recording, room isolation

    You know that nasty hum/buzz noise you get from your electric guitar when the pickups are picking up a bunch of electrical interference? My question is: Is they're any type of material that can provide shielding from that? Like lead core sound proofing or something?
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    Single coils?

    You don't need to insulate the room.

    Do this instead -> http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/shielding/shield3.php

    There are shielding instructions and wiring diagrams for all types of electric guitars on there. I sit in front of a CRT screen, and my Strat is completely silent in positions 1, 2 + 4. And I mean completely silent and noise free.

    Before I did the shielding/rewiring, it was pretty much unrecordable due to the interference in this room.
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        I should add the caveat that to do the modification in the link I posted, you need to be fairly handy with a soldering iron, and comfortable with reading schematics/wiring diagrams.

        Guitar wiring is not too difficult, but you can damage pots/switches and/or make the guitar an electrocution hazard if the job isn't done properly.

        That aside, the job is very straightforward. It shouldn't take any more than a couple of hours, and it will make your guitar's noise floor inaudible (lower than that of your preamps/interface) in at least 2 switch positions, in pretty much any electrical environment.
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          I'm not using a start, and I have done shielding to a guitar before. Let me better explain the issue at hand. My guitar (humbuckers) is picking up noise from the wiring and high electrical current from around my apartment. When I have my guitar amp on a gain setting for instance (yes I know it's the nature of the beast that I'm going to get PLENTY of noise from a gain channel) i get an obtrusive humming/buzzing noise being sent through to my amp. Now lets say I change position of my guitar in the room (walk around with it or just hold it at a different angle) the noise will lessen or become greater.
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            Fluorescent lights, dimmer switches, TV and computer monitors and bad wiring can cause things like that. Other than getting rid of those things and/or re-wiring your house I don't know if there's much you can do other than finding a spot where they are minimized.

            Maybe paint your room with shielding paint?

            Not very cost effective though...
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              Unfortunately living in a small apartment I haven't found a good place that eliminates the noise, that's why I was hoping their might be some sort of material I could maybe cover the wall with "like sound proofing but for electricity".
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                Well, you could try building a Faraday Cage out of chicken wire or somesuch. It would probably work, but would be pretty impractical.

                I'd check the guitar's jack socket wiring, and probably have a good look for cold solders/dodgy joints elsehwere in the guitar before doing anything else.

                The site I linked to in my first post in this thread also has info on shielding humbucker guitars. Like I said, I play single coils (far more susceptible to interference than humbuckers) in front of a CRT monitor, and the guitar runs completely silent since doing a shielding/rewiring job. You have to remember that even fairly expensive guitars usually come from the factory with a pretty poor wiring/shielding setup. It's not just a case of shielding the pickup cavity and running an extra ground wire. The guitar will also need to be completely rewired.

                That website has extensive instructions on how to do so for a wide variety of guitars/pickups.

                Failing all of the above, you could try a Boss NS2. I used one live for years, and once you get it dialled in properly, you'll hear nothing but amp hum, even with high gain, until you pluck a string.
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                  I like the cage idea. I'm not going to do it but I think it's a fun/funky concept. My guitar is shielded actually, I did it myself and rewired the entire system then had everything checked out at a local shop to make sure I didn't screw anything up... I think I just need to move to a new place that's not in an old apartment building with crummy wiring.
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                    If all the pickup/control cavities are properly shielded with copper foil/tape, and the guitar has been completely rewired to a 'star shielding' circuit, it should not pick up electrical interference like that. Particularly so in the case of humbuckers.

                    What was it like before you did the shielding job?
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