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Adobe Audition CS6?


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  • Adobe Audition CS6?

    Anyone here ever use Adobe Audition CS6 to mix down? Just wondering how it is as a DAW?
    Phil Clark

    FOH/Monitor Mixer - Sound On Site

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    I would say Reaper does a better job at being a multitracker/mixdown and Audition's strength is still as a wave editor. Reaper is also a hell of a lot cheaper.


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      I still use Cool edit for mastering. Its still a great engine for anything I need to do.

      Syntrillium who developed cool edit sold it to Adobie who changed it to Adobie Audition.

      The early versions of Audition were a souped up version of Cool edit. I have a version of

      Ausition on my drive someplace and had it loaded to try out years back and it was basically

      the same as cool edit in many ways with additional enhancements. I think it had added video

      added. I think they captured the Visual graphics crowd in from their other adobie programs like

      paintshop and photoshop. Their focus seemed to support those clients with a good audio program

      vs competing with other DAW programs for the Pro Audio Crowd.

      I havent tried CS6 but I'm sure it will still do the job any other DAW program does.

      If anything its got a good set of basic plugins and its a very simple program to use.

      The only reason I dont bother with it is because I mainly use Sonar these days. It too

      is simple to use and has a powerful set of effects plugins I like. Having additional DAW

      programs installed when you dont use them all the time simply takes up hard drive space.

      Best advice I can give is if they have a demo program, try it out and see is you like it.

      DAW programs only come into play mixing and managing tracks. All are pretty much

      transparent tracking for the most part unless you're routing the signal through a plugin tracking.

      Otherwise its all about how easily you can mix and the quality of its plugin package.

      There are certain plugins I use in Cool edit that are still better than any others I can find out there.

      Others are kind of primative but still do the job. The program is VST compatible so I mainly use it for

      running my High quality plugins to master the mixdown. Its editing capibilites are excelent and I find it

      easier than most to trim the files up, cut and paste etc. Its waveform screen is accurate too.

      You can easily see your peak and RMS content, it resamples and adds dithering, and all that stuff.

      I have some other editor programs steinberg Wavelab, Goldwave, and sound Forge. I guess I just

      used cool edit longer and find it easire to use. Thay all do the same things same as DAW programs.

      Heres a quick comparison chart. You should be abole to find others.

      main thing that you want to check is the plugin package. Thats where all the $ come into play.

      The main engines between DAWs may vary a bit on how you do things but they all do the same basic job.