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    My 16 year old son needs some information

    I built him a studio in his bedroom,

    what are the equipment needed for a home studio, I have some already.

    also, do you have pictures of a vocal booth, he wants me to built one in the bedroom'so he can sing.

    Please advice on building a vocal booth, I dont want to do it in the closet, I will buid a stand alone booth, send pics.

    Thanks a father who needs help.

    What recording studio equipments he needs,

    plus, building a vocal booth.

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    Read the stickies at the top of the forum (home studio basics and pc101).

    You will save yourself a lot of trouble/expense if you understand more of what you are doing before you try to do it.

    Do not build a vocal booth, it's almost 100% likely you do not need it. (and if you do it cheaply/hastily/unthoughtfully it will almost certainly do more harm than good)

    A small space will make for bad vocals (or anything really), and you will also have hvac and lighting/communication/control issues to deal with.

    Do not buy any "studio foam", please.

    Do build some acoustic panels and bass traps, made from Owens-Corning rigid fiberglass insulation, and use them to dampen the the sound in the studio/bedroom space. (hang from ceiling and upper parts of walls).

    Do have a hard floor and a soft (acoustically) ceiling.
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