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Estimated cost of sound-insulated amp booth? Any templates?

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  • Estimated cost of sound-insulated amp booth? Any templates?

    I'm looking to rent a house with the intention of setting up my home studio there, but noise and neighbours are a perma-issue while browsing Craigslist. I think homeowners will be reluctant to rent if they know loud noise will be permeating from the property regularly, and I don't want to bother neighbours regardless. I'm thinking of building a large closet-sized booth with sound-insulation, and micing a 1960 cabinet in it. Is this an effective plan, and is there a better vs a worse way to build one (surely there will be, I just don't know which is which)?

    I'm interested in gathering whatever info I can before committing to this, and any info about cost estimates, materials, and recommended dimensions is well appreciated.
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