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what effect?


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  • what effect?

    are the vocals double tracked and panned, or quick delay, or something else?


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    Quick delay. I say this because I didnt hear any phasing or modulation on longer-held notes typically associated with other forms of delay ( flange, chorus) The harmony track was merged in. But I didnt hear any panning- it was all up the middle.


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      paraphrased notes from 'recording the beatles':

      recorded 11 Feb 1968 in studio 3 Abbey Road

      John used a AKG D19c mic for guide vocal and a Neuman U48 for overdubs.

      the song was actually knocked off and mixed in a single session, altho some tracks included 10 takes

      they recorded the main vocals on track 4, mixing the original in mono on a 4 track machine

      John later double-tracked some vocals on track 3

      some artificial effects were used less , including less ADT (auto dbl tracking effect) and more manual double tracking of vocals. If ADT was used, the original vocal was pannned hard left and a delayed ADT hard right in the stereo mixes. Since 8 track appeared starting in May 1968, just before the White Album, ADT could not be used with that system.

      no mention in the notes of other effect use.
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