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Automating a VST Delay?


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  • Automating a VST Delay?

    Is it possible to set up a DAW (mine is Presonus Studio One) so that a specific parameter of a VST can be automated? Drawing the curves with simple lines would be great, and so would being able to tweak the values straight from the VST's GUI and have them be recorded and automated. Is there a way to do this?

    More specifically, I'd like to get some crazy noises happening, like that of an analog delay self-oscillating. I'd like to automate the "time" parameter, so that I can get the cool sweeping effect as the oscillation shifts up and down. And on that note...does anyone happen to know of any VST delays that can self-oscillate (maybe not in a true sense, but at least get some sustaining noise, where the pitch can be modified as you spin the "time" dial)? I suppose finding a VST that can produce this sound in the first place would be a good step along with figuring out how to automate it.

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    This says it is possible. http://studioone.presonus.com/details/automation/

    It sounds like if you have a track with plug-ins inserted, the parameters for the plug-ins show up as an automation option along with volume, pan, etc. You may have to go into the plug-in GUI and enable parameters by right clicking on them to be automated before they show up as an automation lane. That's how it works in pro tools.

    It should also be possible to assign plug-in parameters to rotary encoders on a keyboard controller, and record the automation data in real time.

    Here's a track that automates send level, delay level (actually the level of an aux track) and feedback. Self-oscillation starts at around 00:38. It's the Bomb Factory Reel Tape Echo, but there are similar effects on VST.



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      Quote Originally Posted by Markdude
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      I suppose finding a VST that can produce this sound in the first place would be a good step along with figuring out how to automate it.

      yes - there are 44 flavors of delay plug. Doesn't Studio1 come with native efx ?

      I'd play around with those first before buying / demo-ing any further

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        Yes you can, at lest in Sonar and other.

        What happens is you can enable a record of changes you make to a mix.

        You enable these changes to be recorded in real time. if you push up a slider or

        tweak a knob while playing the mix, then sane those changes, the same changes will occur

        every time you play the mix back.

        Its a modern day digital version of motorized sliders used on older analog recording consoles.

        The changes occur based on your clock running in the background.

        I remember when I first started using a daw, and found my slider jumping around on their own.

        I didnt realize I has the automation set to record the changes and it took me awhile to figure out

        what the heck was going on.

        I dont use allot of automation myself. In the past most of my DAWs had allot of latency and moving

        a slider setting had a delay from what I was hearing so getting the automation timed with accuracy

        required anticipating the changes by a second or two.

        I found another method that works better for my stuff. I simply go into the waveform view, highlight

        the part I want echo added, and I select the effect from the drop down and render it to the highlighted

        portion of the song.

        There are drawbacks to this method. Some things are easy. if you determine you want a 2db boost during a lead

        for example, you can envelope the rest of the track down 2db or boost the highlighted portion up 2db easy enough.

        With other effects, you have to build presets by running the effect in the channel mode first, get the effect to sound

        the way you want it for that section of highlighted track and save the settings as a preset. Then you can apply the preset

        to te highlighted track and get the results for the selected section.

        This method is fast and simple but What you cant do is vary parameters during the rendering.

        If you want an echo to gradually change the Numbers of echo repeat to cause a trail, or change

        the echo speed or balance then a frozen preset wont get you there. you have to use automation

        for those changes. You "write" enable the changes in real time like you're doing sound for a live band,

        then save the automation changes. Those changes will then occur on each playback when the "Read"

        automation is engauged.