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So... how's the Recording Forum?


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  • So... how's the Recording Forum?

    I see Mark Gifford is still moderator and WRGKMC is still throwing out answers with some frequency, any other old timers still around? I used to post here as JM350 like a hundred years ago or so.

    Looking at dates on posts it seems pretty slow compared to years back, so how has it been going here? I see they have the search working but I still can't search for a three letter word... WTF??? Seems ridiculous not to be able to search for Vox, or MXR, MXL, or a ton of other things on music forums ?!? Otherwise just wondering people's thoughts on how it has been going here?

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    It's pretty slow, but when information comes along it's usually pretty good.


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      Good to have you back. We can use some additional posters here.

      I usually check in once a day or so with my morning cup of Joe.

      I been visiting this site going back to 1995 or so when it used to have

      a lyrics/Tab database. I later joined the forum and kind of got addicted to it.

      I mainly hang on the DIY and recording forums but occasionally post on others.

      I'm guessing things will pick up here after Christmas as younger artists just getting into

      recording begin running into issues with their newly purchased recording gear.

      Nerol, Gubu and others are pretty regular posters and always have good info to share.

      My posts get rather long but many of the newbies seem to appreciate the in depth

      responces I give so I dont bother trimming them down. I just say what I think needs to be said

      and let others decide whats important to them.

      Anyway, good to have you back. Dont be a stranger and stay away so long next time.


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        So have the forums been consistantly working decently or has there been maintenance and slowdowns?

        It seemed like a lot of damage was done reorganizing a few years back and a lot of people got sick of it and wandered away.

        It used to be cool back when the forum was so busy that people actually expected their questions to be answered right away. I remember someone getting upset they were overlooked for like 20 minutes!

        I'm pretty busy with a bunch of stuff but I think I will find some time for the recording forum here, glad to see people have been keeping it going!

        My current project is putting on a small jazz and blues house concert that I do live sound for and record, it is cool to have some control over who you record rather than taking whatever business happens to show up. Good musicians are of course a hell of lot more fun to record and a live audience puts a little pressure on that elevates the performance.


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          HC has some issues on and off. they tried to upgrade the forums

          to a new version and it caused allot of problems. The main forum

          for reviews has the new version. Things slow down when they do data backups

          but for the most part, its trouble free.

          If you have one of those Digital recording mixers for live recording its probibly

          the ideal solution for doing both live sound and recording. Good musicians

          always makes the work worthwhile. I've gotten to the point where I'd rather

          not deal with amatures. 10X the work and they usually cant pay you enough

          to deal with what you have to go through getting it to sound decent.

          I have my friends band that will be recording here soon. They are talented but green to recording

          so I'll have to play the game to get the best from them.


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            Quote Originally Posted by LSSD
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            So have the forums been consistantly working decently or has there been maintenance and slowdowns?

            The forum is slow in the sense there is minimal traffic and minimal participation. I have long thought this is due to having redundant forums, but the mods don't share my opinion.

            It's also slow in the sense that there are frequent slowdowns and outages, but that affects all the forums. Not just this one.


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              In my opinion, these sticky threads in the forum are not helping the situation very much.

              In particular, the 'H-C Gear Recommendations' thread which should be a key element of this forum. The main post of that thread should have been updated with the latest recommendations. It has not been updated since 2005. And most inquiries posted in that thread remain unanswered. And the rest of these sticky threads are just bogus and out of time. Wanna trade my CD I did in my home studio back in 2006?

              I used this forum before to get advise on what gear I should buy, or not buy. Retrospectively, the advise I got from here was right. But in the state the forum is right now, I could not consider it as a solid advisor.



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                The HC review section use to be really easy to navigate.

                You could search by make, model and catagory.

                Then when you found the item you could easily read

                others reviews on gear and post your own reviews.

                When they updated that section I quit using it.

                Navigating the reviews was a nightmare and finding

                specific items was impossible. I think thats when most

                quit using it. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with

                the site being tied to Musicians Friend reviews. Maybe they

                are only concerned with reviews on new products being sold

                or something to do with how the site intergrates with others I dont know.

                As an electronic tech I buy mostly used gear and refurb it for use so finding

                reviews on older gear before I bought it was very useful, plus I'd leave my own

                reviews for others. I dont know if they're improved the review section because I

                havent tried that part of the site in a year or two. Maybe it works for others, I just

                wrote it off my list of sites to check and just google other sites for revews.


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                  The reviews were what first attracted me to HC in 1995 or so. I have no idea why they were made so awkward to browse. I have to believe it was intentional, as nothing has been done to fix it. I just can't read them anymore.

                  HC seems to have created a user profile for me based on my old reviews with a join date of 2010. All of the dates of my reviews were set to 1999 (when in fact they are all older than that!)



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                    ^^ Like I said, I think it has to do with the accessability to other databases.

                    Many of those reviews show up on other sites. I believe the older review

                    database made it difficult for these other sites to search/access the reviews.

                    Or possibly the older version was too difficult to maintain. Either way, I dont

                    leave reviews there any more and when I look for reviews I just google them up

                    and use whatever is at the top of the list.