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Looking for a new 8 input recording interface...


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  • Looking for a new 8 input recording interface...

    hello recording forum! I figured I would wonder over from the effects forum to get your opinion on a new interface.

    I finally have the means to get a new interface. I need something to record demos of my band and some soundtrack demo work at home. Has to have enough inputs to do a drum kit enough justice.

    I'm running a mac book pro with OSX lion 10.7.5 and have pro tools 10 currently installed.

    I've been doing some basic research and from what others have recommended i am currently looking at these interfaces:






    I've heard good things about the blackbird pres and it seems to be my number one choice right now. I like the midi capabilities of some of the other interfaces though. The firestudio pro is my least favorite option due to the inability to run other pres/interfaces with it for extra inputs, but the extra money i would save can go to some new mics.

    I'd like to stick around the 500$ range but don't mind spending more for quality. Any suggestions/warnings?

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    I like the Motu stuff the best. The Mackie may be a good option too.

    I'm not so hot for the presonus. I've had friends who had driver issues with them but

    they were running PC's. Not sure about macs. M-Audio isnt in the same class as the others.

    They're good and solid but I use their 1010LT cards in my DAW and their preamps/frequency

    responce isnt in the same league. Saphire/Focusrite makes some quality preamps and it too

    would be a good recording option.

    You do have some USB and firewire options listed there. I'd choose Firewire over USB for

    stability "If" your computer has a good Firewire card. a TX instruments chipset is recomended.

    generics can give you problems. If you dont have firewire capibility or an open slot for a firewire card,

    like on laptops, I have seen some use a PCIMIA card to run firewire but its not my best recomendation.

    As I said my buddy runs a Presonus and uses a PCIMIA card to his laptop and has constant connectivity/driver

    issues. I think his problem would be solved if he ran the card on a desktop with a good TX instruments

    PCI card from the testing I did for him.


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      I have a Blackbird and recommend it, it's sturdy, reasonably priced and does the job.
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        I've been really happy with the focusrite. Huge upgrade in sound from my previous interface (tascam 1800) and it's got lots of great features. The loop back channels are really useful, and the monitor mixing software is really good.


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          I would go with either the saffire or blackbird personally.


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            thanks for the recommendations guys. Really appreciate it! Anyone else out there?
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              did a little more research.. the focusrite has a lot more features that are useful, but i've heard the pre amps on the blackbird are really good. Any idea which has the better pre's?
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                ^^^ unless you have both side by side that would be a real tough one to decide.

                I know Focusrite uses differential preamps which are superior to other types.

                I dont know what the blackbird uses without seeing a schematic. Maybe you

                could read through the manuals and find out.


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                  I agree with the above, but have heard both the onyx pres (was a digital x bus though) and focusrites pres (in the saffire 40).

                  I think I would go with the saffire a little bit more and this is mostly due to mackie's less than stellar customer support.


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                    this is not an audio interface, but you mentioned "need something to record demos of my band and some soundtrack demo work at home." I use a Zoom R16 to record our band. I use it as a mixer/recorder and send the outs to my monitors. I know when i was looking for an 8 input interface, I didn't consider this as an option till I got looking at it closer...and I love it, and you can take it anywhere. I use Saffire Pro 24 for my DAW work. They also make a R24 with more inputs.
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