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Opinions on this Audio Interface - MOTU Track16


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  • Opinions on this Audio Interface - MOTU Track16

    Got an email from Sweetwater on this. Seems like it could be ideal for me (one man demo recording, but could stretch to full-band-in-the-basement-with-a-mixer if needed): small, can run my POD stuff into it, seems pretty user friendly. Anyone have experience w/ this? Or see anything good/bad about it? It's a little pricey, but I could make it work.


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    Motu makes great stuff but it doesnt look like it would trip my trigger to buy.

    I'd prefer their rack stuff that has XLR connectors built in. Much more durable.

    I use PCI cards now that have simular dongal connectors and thay are unrelyable.

    I have to extend them to a patch bay for easy access.

    The additional wires needed make for more chances of getting a loose connection.

    You have temp changes, dust, and vibrations that can make for intermittant connections,

    and the dongal wears out quickly.

    You cant beat a mic cord plugged directly into an interfaces breakout box or rack unit for durability.

    Less wire means less signal loss and less chance of problems too.

    If you only have a few channels its no big deal if you got to dig through connections to change things.

    When you get 8~16 channels or more and have a whole studio wired for a band, then rack gear,

    easy access to connections, front mounted connectors etc is a must. Much of it will remain plugged in

    but its so nice when you want to swap out say a drum mic, You have the one end at the mic tagged #5 and you go

    to #5 input on the interface and its the right cord for that mic.

    Digging and scratching through a multi connector dongal can hold up the recording and make the musicians loose

    momentum while you get your act together and find the right wire and in the process knock a few other channels

    out when the dongal connectors gets worn out and break.

    That unit might be good for a portable laptop setup doing field work, but for a studio, I'd want something heavy duty.