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Acoustic Guitar 'ping' noise from hammer-on


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  • Acoustic Guitar 'ping' noise from hammer-on


    Just wondered if I could get some thoughts on this, please?

    I've recorded some harp guitar and because it's so resonant, it's difficult to drop in/punch in and replace parts... I have a nice recording but one tiny hammer on has a 'ping' noise made by the string from the other side of the fretted finger. I know the best answer is usually re-record the part but in this case I think it might spoil the feel of it.

    I have the skills to basically get stuff down and will be going to a experienced engineer to mix. I've experimented with the eq and because it's a distinct unwanted note, it seems as though I might be able to remove that frequency momentarily when the hammer-on occurs.

    Does this sound like sensible thinking or a whole bunch of crazy?


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    Since it is a momentary unwanted noise, it sounds like you need a spectral editor like Schwa's Spectro. I have used it with varying degrees of success to remove noises like coughs and car horns from live performance recordings. The plugin demo is fully functional other than the startup nag screen. Load it on your track, let is scan the full take, then zoom in on the section with the 'ping.' Since the ping is mostly high frequency and short in duration, it should stick out like a sore thumb on the graph. Use the selection tool to highlight the ping, then use the volume control to drop it's level until it is pushed into the background but without disrupting the tonality of the guitar track too much (you will be surprised at how much you can get away with vs using standard eq). Good luck. Let us know how it works out for you
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      Great! Thanks for that - ill try it out today and see if it works.


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        Just dropping in to say thanks for the advice on that plugin! It didn't work for that particular instance because there were too many frequencies involved but I've since used it several times to remove clicks and nasty saliva noises, etc! A really useable free plugin. Brilliant.