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Is it feasible to build a sound-proofed cabinet for amps in house that...

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  • Is it feasible to build a sound-proofed cabinet for amps in house that...

    will permit the cranking of amps without neighbours hearing anything, or even upstairs hearing anything?

    Know of any good youtube tuts or schematics? Been looking at a few videos just now, not come across something exactly as I've described just yet.

    Btw, this wouldn't be a soundproofed room, but a dismantleable cabinet withing the room. So independent flooring, walls and ceiling. Amp heads would be outside the cabinet, with just speakers and mic rigging within.

    Probably an 8' x 7' enclosure, maybe 6.5' high?

    I'm trying to figure out if this is a feasible home project with a reasonable budget. And of course all materials needed and construction methods for this type of enclosure.

    **edit: Oops, meant to post this in the amps forum, so this could be deleted if considered unwanted cross-posting.
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    It can be done, but nothing is going to be totally sound proof. I was just over a buddies studio who has (2) 5' x 5' iso boxes built that he uses for 4x4 cabs and smaller. Not sure about the construction technique used ...
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