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Drum Mic OH Suggestions for a 4 mic set up..

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  • Drum Mic OH Suggestions for a 4 mic set up..

    Hey everyone,

    looking for a pair of decent over head mics for my recording set up. Right now im looking at a 4 mic Glyn Johns/Recorderman type set up for some basic demo and soundtrack work. I've only just started recording drums after a few years of recording only guitars for my demo work so my plan is to start out with a 4 mic set up and eventually upgrade and grow from there.

    right now i've got an sm57 on the snare and an akg d112 for the kick drum. Now i need 2 decent OH (side and above the snare) mics for the rest of set up. I have heard that large condensers are better for this application but I've read countless suggestions but am kind of lost on which ones to actually get.

    Im recording mostly indie rock type drums and want something with a nice open sound. Clean and really huge sounding. (dont know if i could get anymore cliche with that). Looking at about a 300$ish New budget for each mic but don't mind spending a little more depending on quality.

    any suggestions? BTW im posting this in a few other forums, but thought i would get everyones take on the situation.

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    Glyn Johns put Kel mics on the map which are right in your price range but have no experience with them.


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      I just bought a set of Little Blondies that a ton of people recommended to me. They have been my favorite overheads so far. The set was $240


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        awesome, ill be sure to look into those!

        anyone else?
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          I have others but I been using these.

          I found mine on ebay for $20 each but this sale isnt bad, 2 for 1.


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            My favorite overheads are AKG C1000s. I got a pair of them off craigslist for $250 and another used one at a music store for $100. Small diaphragm condensers are more of the norm for typical overhead techniques, but I would maybe suggest trying some of those since you have a kick and snare mic already. The main benefit of the recorderman technique is getting a good total kit sound from two mics, especially kick and snare, but the cymbals tend to show up pretty weakly in this setup. I find it works well for a live performance where the cymbals will really fill up the space acoustically, but the recorded takes won't be as stellar. Since you have a kick and snare mic, I'd suggest trying some spaced pair or XY techniques for your overheads instead.

            Another investment that you should look into is getting some nice studio boom stands. Sometimes the ability to place a mic a foot or two higher can have a huge impact on the sound, maybe bigger than the difference of what mic you use.


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              Is it possible to get a pair of C214s for that price?