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Studio Monitors Tascam VL-X5 or Yamaha HS50M?(considering these deals)


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  • Studio Monitors Tascam VL-X5 or Yamaha HS50M?(considering these deals)

    So guys......

    I`m looking for studio monitors these days...i`m looking for flat,accurate monitors for mixing without any issues.I can`t afford a sub

    so these are the choices i have now..

    Tascam VL-X5 used(220$)

    Yamaha HS50M Brand new(400$)

    i got a deal on a used Yamaha HS50M pair about 300$

    i read the reviews.As many people have mentioned tascam has the low end a bit.but i`m really confused given those deals..

    so i hand it yo you guys..

    which one should i choose..?


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    Yamaha's hands down, I have the Hs80s and Hs50. Both sound very different in a perfect way. I almost always use the 50's to get mixes to about 70% and then fine tune going back and fourth. As far as flat and accurate, there are alot of tuning switched on the Yamahas to allow you you tune them to your room, but dont forget acoustic treatment is also very important for accurate monitoring.

    Forgot to add, I dont use a sub.


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      Before you lay down your cash, I'd suggest looking at the Equator D5 monitors.  They're truely amazing.  I auditioned a bunch of powered monitors at the $300-$700 price point, and kept reading positive reviews about the Equator D5's ($300/pair) and took the plunge.  Definately knocked my socks off... extremely accurate, and their imaging is second to none.  60 day money back guarantee too - no questions asked. 





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        I agree with the D5s, they're a bargain.


        Also check out the newish ESI UniK series, their old nEar monitors were great and ribbon/kevlar is generally a good sign.