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Mackie SR32.4 VLZ Pro 32-Channel Mixer

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  • Mackie SR32.4 VLZ Pro 32-Channel Mixer


    what do you think about

    Mackie SR32.4 VLZ Pro 32-Channel Mixer

    for recording studio application,

    for recording hard rock and heavy metal music ?

    Can this thing work really good ?

    ( for $1500 - $2000 budget for the mixer. )

    Please, send me your comments about Mackie SR32.4 VLZ in the studio.

    Thanks, all the best.


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    After recording about 700 songs now, I must say that my console only gets used for monitoring (of if I run out of preamps).

    I mix in the box.

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      what are you recording onto? are you recording live to 2 tracks? do you have an audio interface that can handle 24 tracks? a little backround about your rig would help.
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        Look around for a used Soundtracs Sololigic. Killer mic pres, excellent routing, and VCA and Mute automation that is very easy to program, and super accurate. We've got one, it is fantastic. You should be able to pick a 24x8x24 up for around $2000.


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          we wish to set up this solution:

          Mackie SR32.4 VLZ Pro 32-Channel Mixer


          Alesis ADAT HD24-XR hard disk recorder


          Is our choice OK for studio recording ?

          ( not for live recording, only for the home project studio. )


          so, we wish to have minimum 24 simultaneous tracks/channels for the playback.

          any experience with Mackie SR32.4 VLZ mixer & some hard disk recorder in combination ?

          we have limited budget on $3500 - $4000 (4000 EUR maximum) for the complete solution (mixing & recording),

          so we can not buy great 8-bus Series Mackie console.

          we need good analog studio mixer for maximum $2000 (2000 EUR).

          please, send me your comments.

          thanks, all the best,



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            I'd go with a Mackie HDR instead, IMHO the quality is better and you can find them used for very reasonable money to fit your budget.

            Also the same for the Soundtracs console. Being a British board, and you being in Europe, my guess is you can find a 24 or ever a 32 input version(FYI the 24 and the 32 both have 4 stereo returns as well as the 24 tape returns for (in the case of the 24) 56 inputs on mixdown) Solologic for very reasonable money. The Soundtracs Solologic will hands down blow the Mackie out of the water both sonically and functionally. Superb preamps, excelent routing, and VCA and mute automation that can sync with your recorder.

            We've been using one for almsot 5 years now, they are super reliable, and sound fantastic. They use the same VCA chips as the SSL 6000 series, super accurate, easy to operate, and the sound is killer.


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              Although I cannot comment on the solologic board I agree that the HDR or MDR does sound a little better then the HD24. the HD is however much easier to use and if you have a computer it is very easy to edit audio files from the HD24 on the computer and put them back on the HD24. Both are reletivly cheap used around 100o bucks. The HDR has more extensive onboard editing but will fetch a higher price tag. also for 3500-4000 you can get into a pretty nice computer setup. Used tascam DM24, mackie Onyx 8ch preamp with lightpipe out. computer, even with something like cubase LE (which is free) and even some Bread over for some decent mics. Not that thi is the best way, jsut something to think about
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                The HDR is immensly simple to edit on, and unlike the HD24 records a standard .wav(bwf) file. The HD24 records a propriatary file and in order to transfer it to DAW for editing it must be converted to .wav or aif, and then converted back to the prorpietary format using an optional device called the Fireport. The HDR and MDR can transfer files directly with no conversion using ftp, or an optional device called the Firedock, which can also be used as a standard firewire or USB2.0 drive for any application, not limiting it to the Mackie products like the Fireport is.

                There is no simpler unit to use than the HDR and MDR, and their audio quality superiority reigns supreme over the HD24. A used HDR can be had for about $1500USD, and is an incredibly reliable machine. Should tech support be required, Mackie's Toll Free support numbers provide access to some of the best support in the industry, and it is available to devices of any age for free.


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                  they say: "...have what it takes to serve as flexible live and STUDIO consoles."


                  IS SR32.4 REALLY OK & good enough for the recording studio application ?

                  I mean, we must have a studio console which is able to produce CD quality tracks for the market, without any hiss/noise, and with very good headroom.

                  please, post here some REFERENCES about using SR32.4 just in the studio (NOT for live !).

                  we need good studio console for $2000 budget.

                  We wish to move from the old Behringer Eurodesk MX2442 to something better, in our home project studio.

                  please, send us your comments/references about SR32.4 in the recording studio application.

                  what can we do with SR32.4 in the recording studio ?

                  Thanks, all the best.



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                    Honestly the SR32/4 is not a studio desk. The SR stands for sound reinforcement. It has no direct outs, no switchable line/mic inputs, a very limited eq, very middle of the road preamps. It is designed for live use, not studio use.

                    Again, find a used 32 input Soundtracs Solologic. It will fit your budget and blow away anything in that pricerange.


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                      but the problem is: we wish to order NEW mixer (with warranty),

                      and Solologic analog studio console is OUT OF PRODUCTION !



                      I can not see anything on their web site.

                      so, what can we do with $2000 (2000 EUR) ?

                      which NEW analog mixer to order,

                      ( better than Behringer Eurodesk )

                      for studio application ?

                      ( NOT for live ! )



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                        Is any other alternative for good NEW analog mixer (under $2000 - 2000 EUR price) for the recording studio application exists ?


                        we wish to order a NEW hard disk recorder (with warranty),
                        for 24 channels.

                        ( better than our old AKAI DR-16 )

                        Mackie MDR2496 is out of production (discontinued) !

                        Is there any better solution for NEW hdr than Alesis,
                        under $2000 ?

                        .................................................. ...........

                        simply, we wish to move from our old combination of

                        Behringer Eurodesk MX2442 & AKAI DR-16 hdr

                        to something NEW and better,

                        under the budget of $4000 (4000 EUR).

                        .................................................. ...........
                        please, send me your recommendations & suggestions.
                        .................................................. ...........

                        we are thinking also about "digital solution" with

                        Tascam DM-3200 Digital Mixing Console
                        Tascam IF-FW/DM FireWire Expansion Card



                        is any good solution with NEW ANALOG MIXER and NEW HARD DISK RECORDER exists, under $4000 ?




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                          IMHO a good used desk is far better than a so so new desk.


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                            I've owned my Mackie 3204 now for 7 months and I love it !!

                            Yes it is advertised as a mixer for live applications which I'm sure it would do just fine,however I don't perform live and never have and I purchased the 3204 because I needed more inputs than the Mackie CFX-20 had and it performed very well for me for over 6 years .

                            All of my work is for the sole purpose of releasing my own CD's and like the CFX-20 before it ....the 3204 does a great job .The inputs are extremely clean sounding,the internal effects are very basic,but can be useful at times. I run my guitars and effects through my amps of choice and mic the amps and then run it into the 3204 for a killer sound and more control in the mixing stage and it handles my synths and pianos quite well too !!

                            I acquired my 3204 for right around $1000 new.

                            I have mine set-up to go straight into a Tascam DP-02 and my DAW of choice (Sonar and Acid Pro) and it does a great job of giving me two separate mixes to work with any combination of instrumentation I can throw at it !! 

                            It is a Great and Versatile studio as well as live mixer !!

                            If you can you should test drive one today....I think you'll like it !!


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                              BushmasterM4 commented
                              Editing a comment

                              Mackie 1640i  is a do it all 16 channel unit.  Great preamps, great converters (same used in Avid units).  Google it and read the reviews.