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Can vocals sound distorted as an inherent quality of the vocal chords?

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  • Can vocals sound distorted as an inherent quality of the vocal chords?

    Apologies for the pretentious title (!) but I've been recording some vocals that on the odd occasion appear distorted (when listening very closely). However, the preamp level, everything in the chain, is comfortably below 0db and the singer was at least 30-40cm from the mic (large diaphragm condenser). When further away from the mic and with a softer delivery, there is no distortion but it also doesn't sound as good, as edgy.

    The singer is belting during the passages in question but looking at the waves on the recording, the 'distorted' sections actually appear, if anything, slightly less loud than some other parts within the same take. I can only think that this may be a sound within the voice that is less prominent when singing further from the mic?

    I read somewhere else that a resonance of the vocal chords can sometimes sound like inter-modulation distortion. Could this be the case? It doesn't bother me overly on one hand but I don't want to let it through if it's a fault of my own. If it's the vocal performance and a natural sound, I don't really mind...

    Any thoughts, please?