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Anyone wanna help me out: removing vocals then looping.

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  • Anyone wanna help me out: removing vocals then looping.

    I have a track that I want to use for a promo video.  I have permission to use it, but unfortunately, it was originally recorded on analog tape which has been packed away years ago and no one is exactly sure where it is.

    What I am looking to do is loop the main riff, but it has vocals over the top that need to be removed.

    All I really know how to do is the audacity invert trick, that doesn't produce stellar results.  (It does remove the vocals, but it removes a bunch of other stuff too leaving it sounding really thin)

    I'd greatly appriceiate if anyone could offer any advice or handle this for me, I'm willing to pay if needed.


    The track can be downloaded at:

    It's that riff at 9-12 seconds that repeats throughout the song.  Ultimately I want to tie it to the last ~20 seconds of the track with the vocals intact.

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    Vocals can be removed in relative fair quality when the vocals, usually recorded single channel (mono), are centered in the stereo field.

    If there is a lot of stereo room (reverberation) in the track, this can not be removed, in other words, the left and right will still be there when you removed the center.

    Background choirs recorded in stereo can not be removed.

    Removing vocals is a mono process. On stereo spread tracks it does not work.