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What minimum HW reqs for a mac to record w/ garageband?


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  • What minimum HW reqs for a mac to record w/ garageband?

    I've been thinking about getting a used Mac to use solely w/ garageband. It will not be used for anything else.

    What minimum hardware requirements should I be looking for in terms of CPU and RAM?

    Looking for real world knowledge here, from those of you who use this stuff.


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    I've got a Macbook Pro with 8G RAM and it's never had a single issue running Garage band. I was told 4 Gigs might not be enough for recording and producing, so i sprang for 8 and it seems to be more than enough for Garage band. But i mainly use Studio One for recording, not garage band.


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      Thanks for the info, I appreciate it very much.

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    It depends on what your recording plans are. CPU and RAM doesn't come into play too much if you are only doing projects with a handful of tracks. Do you plan to make multi-track productions with live drums and lots of effects? Or are you planning to do simple demo tracks. For the latter, any intel based Mac will do, for the former, I'd try to find something with a quad-core processor; ram is not as important, you can upgrade it for cheap.

    I'd suggest looking at used iMacs. You got a lot more value for your money than with the laptops. Also, if you can find one with a FireWire port, that will greatly expand your options when it come to purchasing an interface.