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    hi there , i`m having a bit of trouble with my creek 4140 amp i am realy happy with the sounds i get from it in my little studio ,but the left hand channal keeps cutting out for some reason ,if i turn up the volume rapidly it does eventualy come back on ,it might be just a dirty pot or something .i do have a couple more hi fi amps knocking around and was wondering if i should try them out , but is it the same for amps as it is for speakers ,are run of the mill hi fi amps coloured and bumped up in certain frequencys to make them sound appealing or do most amps perform pretty much the same ,.

    Consternoon Aftable

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    Sounds like a dirty or damaged pot to me.

    Get some lubrications contact cleaner. Make sure its lubrication and not dry.

    The stuff that leaves no residue can make the problem a whole lot worse.

    The lubrication type has mineral oil which cleans, lubricates, protects

    the pot from oxidation/moisture.

    Pots are usually good for several cleanings before they need replacement.

    The cans usually come with a long straw which you can stick inside the pot and give it a shot then work it back and forth for awhile. The trick is disassembling the amp to get access to the pots. Some of the circuit board mount stuff can be pretty difficult so if you're doing it yourself, just be careful. There can be washers and screws misplaced. Just place the screws in a numbered order as you remove them then reverse the order when you reassemble


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      thanks for your reply i`ve got some servisol i`ll give it a go , what do you reckon a technics or jvc amp would compare to a creek as regards studio work