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Looking For Decent Low Cost Monitors

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  • Looking For Decent Low Cost Monitors

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to get new monitors for my humble home studio.
    Again, the budget is pretty low.

    I record mostly jazz, funk, rock, and sometimes other kinds of music, but mostly these three.
    I'm also listening to other people's music with the monitors, since my DAW is also My everyday PC.

    Price range 100-200$, preferably around 150$.

    (new) PC:<br>CPU: i5 3470<br>PSU: Dunno Yet<br>M-Board: Gigabyte H77<br>RAM: 2X4GB DDR 3 1600<br>Graphics: Intel Graphics HD 2500<br>Hard Drives: Western Digital: 1TB Black(WD1002FAEX), 500GB Green(WD5000AACS), 160GB(WD1600ADFD)<br>OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit<br><br>Audio Hardware:<br>External Audio Interface: PreSonus FireBox<br>Amplifier: InterM PA-2000a<br>Mics: Shure SM57 &amp; KSM27

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    That's super low, and I'm sure you don't have any sound treatment... so better monitors' performnce would be masked by room issues anyway. You're just as well off getting Grado cans or something, unless you want to boost your budget markedly.

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    • zoobooboozoo
      zoobooboozoo commented
      Editing a comment

      I need to get some kind of speakers anyway,
      would you suggest crappy monitors or some regular stereo?