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Issues with ghost Power.


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  • Issues with ghost Power.

    I've got a very basic 2-input Presonus USB Audio Box. It's able to supply ghost power through both ports at once. There's just a single master switch for ghost power to both ports.

    So my question is what happens if i have a Condensor Mic plugged into one port that needs the power and something like a dynamic mic or electric instrument plugged into the other, does the audiobox know to divert power to only one, or does that risk damaging the input that doesnt need the power?

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    Dynamic microphone don't use phantom power, but it  does not matter if phantom power is on or off when the dynamic microphone is symmetrical wired.


    Condenser microphone  are adjusted to a phantom power, powering the circuitry of  the microphone, usually 48V 6,8 k? today


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      Something to be aware of...
      If the second mic is a ribbon or certain types of moving coil dynamic like the AKG D-12, phantom power will most likely kill the ribbon (a very few ribbon mics are active and a couple have protective circuitry), and a few rounds of phantom power will mess up a D-12.

      Also, connect and disconnect your mics with the phantom turned off.

      If you are handy with a drill and a soldering iron, splitting the phantom power with two switches, one for each pre amp, is a fairly simple modification.

      How do you like your interface?