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    Not sure if this is the right place, but I was wondering if anyone ever needed to run AES Digital audio over longer than standard distance  for ex. 1000,2000 ft  in a studio or for live application.  Is there any demand out there to be able to do this?


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    Do not think there is a huge demand for EBU transport of audio today in the time of glas fibre. Live, a 100 meter is a lot. The max. distance is theoretically 100 meter (330 feet). Can be extented to 1000 meter (3200 feet) with low 75?/km cable. We transfer audio from the opera stages to the central studio at the distances of 42 kilometer with glas fibre. The studio is cabled with 35?/km cables.


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      Thanks! There is a company making a Fiber Optic AES/EBU system which will transmit up to a few miles if needed! This distance is probably a bit excessive.. but I supose there are more specialized situations as yours (transposting audio from the stage to studio), where more than 100 meters is needed, and this could be useful.  Great. Thanks again for your response! Any other other examples would be great too.