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    cant get the same tone in logic using model amps and effects. Some suggestions on an affordable mic to do basic guitar tracks and vocals would be much appreciated.
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    Sure SM57 is pretty standard for guitars and can do a decent vocal.


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      Quote Originally Posted by ambient
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      Sure SM57 is pretty standard for guitars and can do a decent vocal.

      I wouldn't go as far as 'decent' as a vocal mic but yeah, it's great for guitar cabs.

      The MXL R144 is nice, or better still a Cascade Fathead. Ribbon mics are warm and smooth, not the same 'hifi' sound as a condenser, but can get wonderful results for both vocals and electric guitar if done right.
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        huge fan here of the Shure Beta 57a
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        • mike.sartori
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          My favorite is a beyerdynamic m201, about six inches off the grill.

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        I use an MXL 990 for my vocals and most of my guitar stuff. Works great for acoustics. I've also got a MXL 991 that i use for some guitar parts, and ive been palying with using both of them together for somt dynamic micing.


        • Special J
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          I'll have to vote for the SM57 here as well. Not my favorite for either application, but will do the job in either, and is probably a good first mic to own. I would consider a Sennheiser 906 too. Great guitar mic, and it would probably make a pretty decent vocal mic too.

          Interesting call on the Beyer m201. My favorite snare mic. Kind of like a fuller sounding SM57, so it would probably do pretty well in this application too. Almost three times the cost of an SM57, though.

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        i know you said "affordable", but what's your budget?

        and what preamp(s) are you using?


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          Another vote for the Shure SM-57.  Less than $100 new; pretty much the defacto mic for guitar amps; and has been used for many, many vocal tracks (including many recorded by Paul McCartney).  :manwink:

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          • Tomm Williams
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            Another candidate would be the EV 308/408's. Very useful little mics, much like a 57.  

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          it's the best microphone forum on this planet,

          as well the best for studio monitor below $200


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