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  • Best Recording Software for my purposes

    There are quite a few threads all over the web for this subject, but they don't ever seem to be using anything like what I do.

    Here is my need explained:

    I play in a band and have a MixWiz 16 DX2

    I intend on recording from the line outs of the mix wiz for practice and gigs for later mix down.

    What I want/need from the software is the following:

    1. Master mixdown GUI with a mixer like feeling

    2. Decent reverb

    3. Decent channel eq

    4. Decent master eq

    5. Easy use of .WAV or .MP3 files from recording to put into the multi-track setup on the software

    That's really it. I know that lots of people that record also need tons of audio editing features, but I already have Adobe Audition that I use for that (version 1.5 updated from my beloved Cool Edit Pro ).

    I know that lots of people want/need virtual instruments and MIDI tracks .... but not me.

    I may do a few simple over-dubs of myself and my acoustic guitar using my Creative Audigy 2 Platinum eX and a Allen and Heath ZED 10Fx as well as recording a few Karaoke parties .... nothing serious though.

    I am not looking to spend lots of money on this (<$200.00). It needs to handle at least 8 tracks (band has 2 guitars, 2 vocals, bass and vDrums).

    What would you guys suggest.
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    Full function DAW w built in compression, eq, reverb and amp sim plugins. VST compatible. $60. Unlimited free trial and unlimited track count.


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      I like Z Cars
      and Guitars


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        They all have what you want, its just a matter of what you want to spend.

        I find Sonar has a very analog feel to it and its very easy to manage files and

        has a great plugin package with some lexicon reverbs.

        Cubase is another good choice. Reaper is a good budget DAW program. I'm just

        not sure how good its plugin package is. Its a little funkey how you do some things

        in it but thay all have some things that make them unique.

        The best thing I like about sonar is when I'm done with a project, it has one button file cleanup.

        I simply delete the song picture Icon from the folder, then hit file cleanup. It finds all the wave files

        associated with the song, then I just hit the delete button.

        In other programs you have to constantly build folder to separate the wave files from other projects,

        then go into the actual drive and manually delete the folder you built. This is a major pain in the ass

        especially when you work with a band recording rehursals.

        In Sonar, I have a template file with no tracks recorded, my tracks ready to record. I simply press

        the record button and I have 16 tracks recording at once. At the end of the song, I hit stop and save.

        I give the file a new name when I save it, then delete the current tracks in the template file and I'm ready

        to record a new song in a few seconds.

        I usually record with the band so I use a wireless mouse and keyboard sitting next to my mic stand.

        Out of say 10 songs we play at rehursal, I may get one or two that sound really good mixed down.

        All daw programs will let you run other plugins. If you go with a basic DAW program, you can download plenty of

        free plugs from sites like KVR. Just google free VST plugins and you'll find dozens of freebees thet work fine.

        Eventually you'll find other botique plugs that you spend money to buy. Some sell for rediculously high prices.

        I have a Waves Platinum bundle I got way back with my first interface. A simular package today costs like

        ten grand. Not all sell for that much of course and what you get with a big package like that is pro studio support.

        I'd go for a bunch of free ones till you get to know the ropes, try out a bunch of demos before buying anything.

        You'll find the actual sound quality isnt that much better over many free plugins.I have many free plugs I still use

        over other high dollar ones. Its not what they cost that makes them good, its how well you learn to use them

        in most cases. I think many use the same Algorithms and just package the things in a different GUI package to

        wow people into thinking the plugin, and/or the DAW program is better than it is. If you get down to brass tacks and

        really focus on the sound quality, the differences dont usually add up to the price tags.

        By the way, Musicians Friend has a sale on Korg Midi Controllers for about $39.

        With a controller, it lets you run things within the DAW program so you can move sliders,

        pan tracks etc. This gives you actual hands on vs using a mouse to change sliders.

        I tried to buy one yesterday but the site wouldnt take my gift card for some reason.

        May just be site traffic or something.


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          Do you have an interface with at least 8 inputs to record the line outputs from the mixer?


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            Adobe Audition doesn't import your files and allow you to edit them? I'm not familiar with using Audition. I don't know what you are looking for... all good DAWS work about the same way... I use Reaper, Sonar X2, Reason, and Cubase (altho its 4). I have my recording mixer setup to export each track into dedicated Sonar X2 daw tracks with pre-loaded eq, comp, fx for the particular instrument... I just drag the recorded files to the loaded template and it's done, except for all the tweaking after the fact. Like WRGKMC said, load up demos of daws until u find the best interface u like. I'm doing a lot with X2 cause it has a nice interface and many (IMO) good effects and instruments.
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              Yes, I am getting a Zoom R16 to record 6 tracks simultaneously (it will do max 8).


              Yes, Audition will let me do this, but the interface isn't good at all in version 1.5 with respect to master mix down IMHO. I still love the wave editor though.

              I will download reaper and give it a try.
              With Greater Knowledge Comes Greater Understanding


              • OneEng
                OneEng commented
                Editing a comment

                Just a quick update....

                I have been playing around with Reaper and n-track studio (which I had an older version of about 5 years ago).

                I like the reverb on nTrack better, but the interface is not stable for me.... and that is a deal breaker.

                Reaper has been rock solid, and works with very little computing resources .... and is quite fast.  Nice.

                The VST plug-ins I have found for reverb are .... OK.  Good enough for now anyway.  Anyone know of an inexpensive reverb package I could get?  I sure would like to have Lexicon or Helicon's stuff .... but those are way out of my price range.  I was thinking <$100.00.

                I also have Cubase LE 5, but haven't installed it and tried it out yet.  That is next.

                So far, Reaper seems like a real winner!