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I can get a new MXL V67G for $85. Worth it?

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  • I can get a new MXL V67G for $85. Worth it?

    I don't know anything about mics, but I can get a new MXL V67G for $85. Is this a deal I shouldn't pass up?

    (It looks like they normally sell for $99+)
    I already have an Octava MK319 condensor that I got in 2005... is the V67G basically the same thing?

    I sing and play electric and acoustic guitar.



    DR Strings > '97 Mexi Strat: USACG neck & Super Vee Blade Runner > Duncan TB-11 Custom Custom, Fender Original '57/'62 > Barber Direct Drive > Soldano Astroverb > WGS RETRO 30 (replaced Vintage 30) in Avatar 2x12. DD-5 Delay, Chorus. Fender Blues Junior III (BillMAudio mods in the mail)

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    many of those 100 buck microphones compare nicely to $3000 and up microphones


    I think I buy a MXL V67G for the bling 


    • JetCityMatt
      JetCityMatt commented
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      I think I don't want to spend the money (debt on credit card) right now so I'll PM you the link directly... just in case I do decide to buy it tomorrow (since it is "almost sold out" now).

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