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Whats a Digitech mm4?


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  • Whats a Digitech mm4?

    Anybody ever hear of a digitech mm4? Might be getting it for 50 bucks, seems cool.

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    seems to be a distortion pedal


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      Its a rack unit for metal guitar with , Distortion, Compressor, Equalizer and Effects.

      Here's one on EBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Digitech-MM4-Metal-Machine-Distortion-Compressor-Equalizer-Effects-Vintage-/170770679479

      I have a couple of their older units, GSP4 and 5. I'm not a big fan of the Digitec for recording to begin and the older units aren't so hot. The reverbs, echo's chorus etc aren't bad, but the drive is a one trick pony. It has a bright edge for metal type stuff, but trying to get something different just isn't there. Bring the gain down and it sounds all grainy and unmusical.

      Some people really like the units. In comparison to my Vintage units lie an Art SGX 2000, Rocktron or my Boss GL100 , Digitec stuff comes in on the bottom of my list. Even my old Yamaha GEP 50 has better effects.

      If you can pick up the digitec real cheap for say less then $50, then you can probably have some fun messing around with it. Otherwise I'd pass and find something else. You can buy tons of them on EBay for under $50 and sound as good as a miced amp on allot of stuff, and much better than any modeling plugin.