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Using Presonus Firebox for Pod monitoring

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  • Using Presonus Firebox for Pod monitoring

    I've been using my Firebox for practicing at my mixing desk, since I use mostly FRFR for sound reinforcement.  I usually play in Pro Tools, so I'm ready to record if I get a good idea, but sometimes I just want to plug in and practice at a decent volume.  When I use the Presonus Mixer software, I have to dime the Pod and the Firebox just to hear myself without using headphones.  No such problem with Pro Tools, using the same connection setup.  Does anyone know why there's such a big diffference in volume between the Mixer and Pro Tools?  I would prefer not to use another application just to plug in and play, so maybe there's a way to adjust what I have instead of booting up Pro Tools just so I can jam.  

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    Hmmmm, I'm using almost the exact same setup and I don't have that problem. I wire a keyboard through it and can put it through headphones so loud that my ears would bleed if I had it all turned up past half way. Ditto on an old Korg effects preamp thing that I have. Literally just straight into the FP10 and out to some headphones from the front headphone jack. Nothing fancy.

    That said I do have an older FP10...mine has a knob that adjusts from the mix to the headphones, for monitoring, and you can blend it to hear either or in whatever capacity you turn the knob. Not to state the incredibly obvious, but maybe try adjusting that?

    Someone with more interface knowhow will probably know more. I'm amazed I get all that **************** working at all, ever.


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      Well, I just plugged in today without changing anything, and things were back to how they should be.  Good and bad, since I would like to know why and how I can fix it if it happens again.  

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      Okay, back to square one.  VTEC, do you have to switch audio outputs on your computer from internal to Firewire?  I'm trying to see if there's a way for the Presonus software to switch the output, but I'm coming up dry.  This is confusing, since it has worked in the past without me changing any settings.