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Been looking at Cakewalk Sonar X2 Producer.

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  • Been looking at Cakewalk Sonar X2 Producer.

    And though I have never owned a home studio before, I wan't quality stuff since I plan on being in it for the long hall. Looking online today I noticed Producer comes in DAW for $499.00 and WIN for $399.00.

    Can someone please explain DAW vs WIN? I mean I know the WIN version would basically load into my WIN7 OS, but what about DAW? What will I gain for the extra $100.00 investment?

    Thanks Everyone!


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    Check the Cakewalk site. They should have a comparison chart there if you dig around. The main things is the producer version has video editing capability, plus it has all the other features. The essential or non producer versions are lighter versions that are mainly audio versions. You will probibly see different numbers in plugins/virtual instruments included.  


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      And what about DAW vs Win? Will it matter running either on my Win OS? And why would DAW be $100.00 more?

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    This should be helpful :  :robothappy:

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       seen its been bout a month since you posted this but figured id reply. the difference with prices is if you already have prior versions of cakewalks sonar.  if you buy for first time its gona be the full amount.  for sonar x2 theres three versions essentials, studio and producer. Personally i like sonar. I like the way they have it set up, i like their soft synths. I only have essentials but am looking foward to useing the pro channel which only comes with producer.  Ive had a couple of other cakewalk programs, gtp4 and hs7xl, the new stuff i just like even better.  Always make sure to check other programs out they most often allow you a demo version.  If you do get sonar go to the knowledge base sction and there is a pdf file you can download. The boxed version only comes with a starter guide but you can download a 1800+ page manual.


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        Sonar is Windows only so not sure what the Win/Daw thing is about, but I've been using Sonar for years and I love X2 Producer!

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          I as well have been a LONG TIME Cakewalk & Sonar user.... Been banging around with X2a Producer lately and I LOVE IT!!!

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        gpaaib wrote:

        Can someone please explain DAW vs WIN?














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          I spent some time last week working with Midi in Cakewalk. I wanted to try and record my guitar to some completed midi recordings. Man, what a ball buster.

          With Cubase, I can import a midi file and it will play back using general midi (GM) voices with no additional tweaking. Then if I want to change voices or instruments its a very simple task.

          Cakewalk? Maybe I just haven't got it all figured out yet. If I import a midi file, there is no default GM voices. You have to go in and select an instrument and voice for each track.

          My success was limited. I was able to get some sound from some tracks but there's something going on with note velocity. Its like the instrument is plugged in after the velocity attack and only peaks would get through to activate the midi instrument. Its liked of like a gate on an analog track with the threshold set so tight it only lets the peaks through.  

          I re-read all the manual and tried to figure it out step by step but I'll have to experiment more. It may be cakewalk will record midi well enough, but just plugging in a midi song made on another program was a huge failure for me.

          I couldn't get a sound exporting the midi to audio either. You could hear the midi notes play as the file was scanned and saved, but when I opened the saved wave file there was no sound.

          This isn't my first attempt either. I got farther this time but I still can't get the results I get in Cubase.

          This is one reason when I'm asked to give advice about DAW programs, My answer is if you're inexperienced and want a daw that's easy to learn audio recording, My answer is Sonar. If you want simple midi, Cubase. Maybe If I was real good at midi my mind would change, but I don't see having to load an instrument for each track as being very productive. 

          I suspect, if I had a midi template file setup, with all the instruments set on the tracks, and then load a midi song,  it would alleviate the problem of having to go through all the BS, but Its unlikely it would select the proper voice for the proper track. Cubase uses GM as a default. The GM voices may not be the best, but at least there's something there you can hear to make a judgment before substituting other voices.

          Maybe I just need to have a keyboard setup that has voices and use it to hear the raw midi song play back. I didn't have it connected so that might be a needed link.




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            Yeah, I've been using Sonar X2a since it came out, doing a crossgrade deal with it on X1 at a good price.  I've used it and gone thru the upgrade pains for the new product, but it has many features that I really like.  Haven't done a whole lot with the midi tho.  It's like most things...some products are great at certain things and prob OK at others and suck at a few... I use Reason for more midi and some songs that just seem to sound good using the MClass devices and audio engine.  I had Cubase 4 but haven't upgraded...only so much that I have time to learn.  I also use Reaper for some stuff as it's quick, easy and works well with about anything.

            I'm curious if he bought the Sonar?  They've organized the effects management well and they are good quality.  I visit their forum often and they still wrestle with some bugs, but that's typical for high-end DAW software.