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beeping sound when my audio interface is plugged in


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  • beeping sound when my audio interface is plugged in

    Hello all.  I'm wondering if anyone could clue my in on why this is happening.  About every minute my computer will make a beeping sound when my new Art USB Dual Pre is plugged in.  It's very annoying and interferes a lot when I try to record. I was told this was a "plug and play" kind of device so I'm confused about this. I realized that I plugged it in while the computer was still on so maybe it has to so with that. I've tried many things, from changing drivers to shutting the computer off, unplugging the dual pre, turning it back on, turning it off and then plugging it in again. The beeping went way when the dual pre was unplugged and came right back when I plugged it in again and turned it on. Anyone know exactly why this is happening?

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    Beeping sounds may be caused by Unlicensed software or plugins. Many demo plugins have a built in beep that will occur every so often. It allows you to try the software out. Once you purchase the program the beep is removed and the program is fully functional.


    The other possibility is you have some kind of feedback loop going on. From your description that doesn't sound likely. A feedback loop would create a constant squelch like you'd get from a PA mic and it wouldn't be timed. It surely sounds like unlicensed software to me. There's plenty of free software to record with so there's really no reason to run demo stuff that either has beeps or audio dropouts.


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      interesting.   the only thing is the beeping will happen even if my recording program isn't opened.  literally right after i plug my Art Dual Pre in it starts.  i have a feeling it has to do with my audio drivers.   I could be wrong, but i think it started after i installed a new ASIO driver.  been trying to figure out how to disable that or uninstall it.