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What will happen if I put my monitor screen on top of my preamp?

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  • What will happen if I put my monitor screen on top of my preamp?

    I've moved in to a new apartment and I'm setting up the ol' studio. I don't have much space so I'm having to make every square cm count. One way of maximising space use is putting the monitor screen on top of the preamp. I've got an Art MPA Pro II and some generic monitor. I'm pretty sure the preamp is more than sturdy enough to take the weight, but I was wondering if there would be any other issues that I might be unaware of.

    Cheers in advance!

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    If its a CRT monitor, you may have all kinds of hum if its near any amplification device.

    If its a flat screen monitor, you just have to try it. Some flat screens have higher emf emissions than others. You just have to try it to know. The EMF may not be a typical 60 hz hum. The AC 60hz is usually converted by a wall wart attached to the cord which you should keep away from the audio components. The hum you may get can sound like a high pitched wineing sound or static zipper type noise due the the screens refresh rate.

    If you dont notice any of thet in the audio bands then you are probibly OK.


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      Thank a lot man, I will keep an ear out for humming then, but fingers crossed it will be all right. I have no idea where else I could put it - maybe mount it on the wall. Actually, that doesn't sound too bad either. We'll see!