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older Mbox 2 compatibility


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  • older Mbox 2 compatibility

    I have the old style Mbox 2 I used to use for pro tools (and plan to in the future) and I believe it used to work with garage band...

    but im trying to get it to work with amplitube and it wont show up.


    I read that its supposed to only work with pro tools, but Im 99% sure its what I used to do some recordings in garageband on my old mac


    any thoughts or other suggestions

    thank you

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    They came out with drivers with Win 7 support. You may want to see if those work. Its an old piece of gear that was avid supported for Mac only in the beginning but the key is the drivers. It was unclear if you were still running a Mac or PC, or what operating system you are running. A program like amplitude may not have MBox2 on their list of acceptable drivers. It may be a hardware/software/driver thing, or they purposely block it because its incapable of functioning up to speed with the program. Try the new drivers and see what happens. If it still can't be found and you still want to use the program, a new interface is likely in order.


    In cases like these in the PC world, the problem can often be bridged using ASIO 4 all which is a substitute driver that interfaces with allot of non standard hardware the recording programs recognize. I don't know if they make a Mac solution because Macs use a different audio file storage method which isn't Microsoft. You may want to Google the site as a last resort. I don't run Macs so I'm not up to speed on all the finer details, only some basics. 

    If need be post your request over on Phils forum. He knows the Mac stuff well, and if there's an answer he's know right off the top of his head.  


    • Jealousblues
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      windows 8, which may be the problem


      thanks for the link!

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    Jealousblues wrote: 

    I read that its supposed to only work with pro tools


    That's not correct. It can work with anything provided you've got the drivers installed properly. I've used an Mbox 2 Mini as the primary interface on my PC for years. 

    Jealousblues wrote:

    windows 8, which may be the problem


    That almost certainly is the problem.


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    • WRGKMC
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      Widows 8 is focused on intergrating mobile applications and hardware. It may have allot of Win 7 operating system involved in its design, but its no guarantee all drivers will work. Microsoft is pretty good at backwards compatibility, so you may have luck using win 7 drivers. Win 7 had XP compatibily.

      I havent gotten into win 8. I dont run allot of mobile devices and have no need of it at this point. I run stand alone desktops and win 8 is pretty useless without a touch screen. Not sure a DAW program would work all that well nor accurately with a touch screen yet but it will be coming shortly. It would make more sence than using an exteral controller as a work around most are already using. The DAW program would need to have its GUI expandable and adjustable with a touch screen, and I'm sure most already have that code being developed and refined. Running your DAW from a tablet would be an ideal solution for nearly any studio.