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Behringer UCA222 noise

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  • Behringer UCA222 noise

    Trying to dub some cassettes into MP3's.

    I have encountered electrical hum montoring through headphones.

    • Monster THX RCA cables from tape player into UCA222.
    • Converter plugged into USB 3.0 port on laptop.
    • Sound Forge Pro 10 - sound is barely audible in recording.  



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    Are you recording from a line out on an actual cassette deck that has RCA outputs or are you trying to record from some cheap deck's headphone output or something wierd like that?

    If you have a good playback deck, it should record well. You can even record through most built in sound cards at CD quality by plugging into their 1/8" stereo line level input with an adaptor cable thet goes from stereo RCA to 1/8" stereo. Just be sure its the line in, not the mic in you use. If this is a laptop then you're probibly better off with the USB.

    If the signal is humming, its most likely a bad cable or the wrong connection to the cassette deck. Cheap RCA cables with plastic molded ends are the pitts for this. Even quality ones dont always hold up all that well. Spraying some contact cleaner on the cassette output jacks may be needed to. I have good quality RCA cables in my studio for my important connections and. I keep a some new ones in my wire locker as backups.  I'm also an electronic tech and I'm always working on some gear that needs a cable for testing. Ive gotten to the point where I just go to a Dollar store and buy like 10 of the cheap ones for $10. No great loss if they go bad. Its easire than going through a bunch of old ones. If I come across bad ones they arent even worth replacing their ends. The wire is so cheezy to begin with. I just throw it out and open another.


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      Actual cassette deck (dual) which has RCA outputs.
      Recording through the Behringer USB Audio Interface.
      24k gold contact high quality Monster brand THX RCA cables.

      I've been reading about 60 cycle humming which seems to be the case.