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    Looking around at GC's used site, I came upon a Pearl handheld cardioid dynamic mic. I contacted the store and asked if there was any model # on the mic, there was not. It looks very similar to cosmetic styles of mics made around the 70's and it has an on-off switch. I can't post a photo as I just ordered it. I know a bit of the history of Pearl/Milab and know their prices are quite high, I'd like to find out more about this mic, anyone have any info on Pearl? As a coincidence, did Pearl Drums ever market vocal mics? That could explain the $49.99 price tag or just maybe I scored a sleeper. 

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    I have a few old Pearl microphones, they are made in Sweden, excellent microphones, unique in construction, high quality recording, some of the housings are solid high tech metal alloys, heavy i  weight...

    those are some of the best microphones available, comparable only to the absolute best


    Has nothing to do with Pearl drums.


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      Thank you Rudolf, would you happen to know any sites where I might find photos that can help me identify the model? And regardless of model, would $49.99 be considered a steal for one of these mics?