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Please suggest an interface for my MBP, PT9 HD setup?

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  • Please suggest an interface for my MBP, PT9 HD setup?

    I have PT9 on my MBP, which interface allow me to record vocals, make beats with PT9HD?

    ProTools HD9 - 9.0.4
    Installled on -
    MacBook Pro 6.2 - i5, 2.53 GHz 
    8GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    OS X - 10.6.8
    FireWire - 800 Mb/sec
    SCSI - None
    SATA - 500 GB Hitachi HTS545050B9SA02
    5400 RPM HD + 500 GB Ext. HD

    Its ok if it there are some plug-ins I cant use and stuff, as long as I can make beats and record vocals, its ok for now.
    Just need I/O for mic and sequencer, nothing super advanced.

    Im thinking MBox? The Mbox 2 is digital, I think.
    Can someone confirm MBox2 is a better fit for my setup/goals?

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    It should have everything there you need. Just remember the unit has been discontinued from production. So long as you can get the driver to work you're good, but when a manufacture quite producing a model, you're screwed if you even upgrade your operating system or possibly hardware. Some guys are running into this trying to make an MBox run with Win 8. Theres no drivers for it beyond win 7 so that will be the last OS you'll be able to run it with.


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      So an Mbox 2 is better than the M-Audio fast track (grey)? Or just go MBox 3?

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      Also, I have no plans to upgrade my OS on Mac anytime soon. It's just for PT.