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Best ending to a song that ends with just a drum fill ?


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  • Best ending to a song that ends with just a drum fill ?

    Mine has to be Alice Coopers "No More Mr. Nice Guy".   Simple but effective ending.  Im courious as to how many songs we can come up with that end with just a drum fill.  No guitar and drum fill, etc..   Has to be just a drum fill ending !!!   Lets see what we come up with.  

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    I record mostly original music and endings are important. Solo drum endings aren't as frequent as a longer drum fill with a last crescendo of a band whether it be a last note or series of notes. That last hurrah can sound limp without the bass and kick punching but it can be done with drums only. Its just a matter of musical arrangement.


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      Thats the whole point !!!  Drum endings are rare, so lets list some.  But seeing how no one has named anymore, other than the Cooper song I listed.  They must really rare !!!!